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3) low voltage control (230 volt) do remember in usa they have different words for voltage bands, so with usa designed gear low voltage is really extra low voltage, but with 230 volt control either single or duel hive can be used. Hi i have a dual hive system.

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One dual channel and two single

Hive wiring diagram single channel. Hive active heating™ has two types of receiver: 22 > 23 the dual doesn't have this option and uses mains 230v from the l terminal to send to 4 so boiler must be able to take 230v on the stat terminal 23 etc so just need to know if it can take 230v Hello all, long time listener first time caller.

My hive receiver is single channel and has these conections. I have included i photo of the boilers wiring diagram. Discuss hive single channel receiver wiring in the electrical wiring, theories and regulations area at

You can use the ch side of the receiver and just ignore the hw function on the app etc. On the back of the timer is a diagram that shows which terminals are allocated to hw and ch. We've created a guide for installing your hive active heating which you can download here.

I am trying to figure out the wiring for my hive active heating system, dual channel i have a gas combi boiler that is controlled by the horstmann that has 2 heat zones and 1 water so, im presuming in my setup that the blue is neutral brown is live. Hive multizone has been designed to let you control up to six heating zones in your home. If you have a gravity fed or a y plan system 3port valve with no hot water off wire the green status light should be altered to be blue.

View and download hive active heating installation manual online. Dual channel the hive receiver is double insulated so doesn’t receiver need an earth connection. Use either as a single channel switch and just ignore the one you don't use.

When installing a dual channel receiver, the chosen central heating zone will need to be wired into the dual channel receiver and this zone will control the hot water. Quick question regarding the wiring of a hive to a ecotec plus 825. Each multizone installation should include a maximum of:

Attached is the wiring diagram for the receiver. Bs7671 (iee wiring regulations), part ‘p’ of the building regulations and any relevant technical operational procedures. Hive multizone can support up to three heating zones and one hot water zone.

This is where you will need to connect the “common” and “heating on” connections from the single channel hive. It must be supplied via a switched fused spur with a minimum contact separation of 3mm (both live and neutral) and fitted with a 3a fuse. The wiring diagram above for the ecotec 824 is the same for my combi boiler.

Wiring diagrams contains all the essential wiring diagrams across our range of heating controls. I have just had the boiler upgraded to a worcester combi. This is for combi boilers and additional plumbed heating zones.

Rated 5 out of 5 by uko987 from hive thermostat its early days but all seems good, the only down side is not wiring diagram in the box. This is for conventional boilers and hot water tanks. I've also i attached a pic of the existing wiring diagram for my thermostat and wiring for new receiver.

Just looked at the image of the wiring diagram which i'm guessing is inside the boiler cavity. You will have to alter the wiring and be carefull that the combi boiler has 240v connection for external controls, if it is low voltage then you would have to change to a single channel receiver, you may get one on ebay if needed but contact bg first to see what cost it would be. I have purchased a hive package for combi boilers so a single channel receiver.

Our wiring diagrams section details a selection of key wiring diagrams focused around typical sundial s and y plans. I have recently purchased hive to control my central heating and hot water and its all wireless. When removing the old thermostat, can i s.

Gravity system y plan with no hot water off wire. Please note i have never fitted hive, i am just reading the info on the hive wiring diagram and s plan i of course don't know 100% if correct as i don't even know if your using s plan, hence why i have said how it all works in case i am wrong. But plenty of videos on the internet to show you.

But plenty of videos on the internet to show you. A wiring diagram is a simple visual representation of the physical connections and physical layout of an electrical system or circuit. And the hive single channel receiver needs 6, e, n, l 1, 2 & 3.

Could somebody point me the right direction how it all connects based on the vokera wiring picture i have uploaded and the hive diagram. The hive instructions highlight the single channel receiver wiring diagram below. As you can see it only has 5 wires, earth, live, neutral, t1 & t2.

Electrical wiring for central heating systems. The only problem i have is that my old system has a thermostat in the hall that i obviously need to remove as im replacing the thermostat and controllers etc. You’ll probably need to run a new cable with more cores, or locate the hive at the wiring centre.

I will guess you have a wiring centre which you will take three core and earth cable between it and hive. Single channel receiver for combi boilers dual channel receiver for conventional boilers with hot It shows how the electrical wires are interconnected and can also show where fixtures and components may be connected to the system.

Did anyone else pickup the fact it appears to have a fuse in both the line and neutral?. I have an ideal logic 30 combi boiler, and had a honeywell r6660d receiver and simple wireless thermostat. The hive multizone kit contains the thermostat and receiver (your hive hub will come with your hive active heating).

The current setup is as follows, also attached is the wiring diagram which i have traced, suspect there is a wiring problem so need help to solve same. Y plan wiring diagram with hive. Would like the wiring connection diagram to use the dual hive system as a single hive system.

You’ll find a tether on the for conventional backplate to secure an earth wire if needed. It's abit unusual but they have the l cable as black rather than brown which is abit strange. Your pic will work, shouldn't matter which way the blue and brown from boiler go round on the single channel all the hive does is connect them together when told to, it keeps the 230v power from the first 2 terminals separate from the others and just uses whatever the boiler outputs for the other terminals so it will work with any boiler output 12v, 24v or 230v etc.

2) extra low voltage off/on often 24 volt, you can only use this with a single channel hive. This product is designed for fixed wiring installation only. The single channel hive has common terminal at 1 to account for possible elv used so it just uses what the boiler gives i.e.

A single channel is one switch, and a dual channel is two switches, one for heating, one for hot water. Hello i have a main combi eco 25 (without timer) i would like some advice to connect it to my hive single channel receiver. Just trying to fix my homes control system for for heating and hot water, with the hive dual channel receiver, thermostat and hub.

There are basically two types of hive receiver. N l 1 common 2 heating off 3 heating on 4 (unused). Bazza, mar 26, 2019 #14.

Before starting with this stage, keep in mind that the hive receiver is double insulated and doesn’t need an earth connection. It's the heating off and heating on connections that are particular confusing me on the hive receiver.

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